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At The Bespoke Market, we believe in celebrating the unique, the handcrafted, and the story behind each creation. Our platform is more than just a marketplace; it's a vibrant tapestry woven with the threads of artisanal excellence and creative passion. Here, we proudly feature the heart and soul of craftsmanship through our talented members.

Our Talented Artisans

Discover the Artisans Behind the Masterpieces

Our artisans are the cornerstone of The Bespoke Market. They hail from diverse backgrounds, each bringing their unique flavor of creativity and expertise. As you explore our platform, you will meet woodworkers who whisper life into timber, ceramicists who mold earth into elegance, and painters whose palettes narrate a kaleidoscope of cultures.

This is an invitation to delve into the worlds of these extraordinary individuals. Their profiles not only showcase their stunning works but also offer a glimpse into their creative processes, inspirations, and artistic journeys. It's a rare opportunity to connect with the artisans, understand their craft, and appreciate the dedication behind every brushstroke, every stitch, and every chisel mark.

Diamond Painted Decor and Artwork

Diamond Painting is the art of adhering sparkling resin rhinestones to patterns. I have been diamond painting for over 5 years and showcase my artwork at The Bespoke Markets, West Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce events, and on my Etsy store. I am always looking for new and different pieces to work on and my current products include journals, photo frames, wine toppers, wine covers, framed artwork, suncatchers, keychains, and much more. I also take commissions and theme requests!

Saffron and Salt

Tasty Condiments For Demanding Mouths


Call: (248) 238-8276


I’m Ashley Priest, the owner of Saffron and Salt. My mission is to create unique condiments that draw on nostalgia to create innovative products that bring unexpected flavors to everyday meals. Our signature product are Candied Jalapenos that will help spice up any sad lunch or bland bloody mary.

Christina Loves Planning

 I always had a love for finance, I worked at a Mental Health facility as a Finance Accounts Payable Rep. I was also working my side business making pouches, I decided to create products that would be able to help woman with their budgeting journey and so I worked so hard to make that happen. I was able to quit my day job 2/2023 and run my business 100% - I never thought I'd be here today. I currently make cash envelopes and cash binders to budget planners ! I want the mature woman to feel confident on her new journey.

Freeze Dried Frenzy

Find us on Facebook:

Call: (248) 467-7170


Treats, sweets & fun to eat!

MeowWoof Boutique

Find us on Facebook:

Call: (248) 956-0186


We specialize in custom and personalized pet items and gifts. We offer full service grooming, pet photography and soon, pet massage. We sell holistic and natural pet food and treats as well.

The Sparrow’s Nest Candle Co.

Michigan Based Candle Company


3366 East Allen Road, Howell, MI 48855

Call: (517) 672-2584


Candles have always been common in my home, even growing up, but I had never tried making them before. On a whim one day in July of 2023 I decided to hit the ground running, without ever having made a candle. I bought all the supplies to make them, started designing my logo, started looking into a website, again, still having not made a single candle. But something in my gut told me that this was it; I had finally found something that was going to provide me with the joy that felt like I had been missing far too long. 

My mental health had struggled significantly in that time and the idea of something making me so overwhelmingly happy was just out of reach all I had to do was stretch a little further to touch the stars and boy am I glad I did. 

Once the initial testing was done and I had found something that burned evenly and clean, I was fully focused on scents. I have always been a firm believer that scent is a huge part of our core memories. When you thing back to that dream vacation, you can smell the waves on the Caribbean Sea or the flowers in the gardens of Versailles. I want my scents to be apart of future core memories or remind them of core memories from the past. To provide an atmosphere that lasts a lifetime, it takes me weeks to curate the perfect collection each season to focus on each scent and the memories they invoke. With many different types of fragrances each season, my goal is that everyone is bound to find a scent that helps them reminisce the memories of the past or create new core memory smells.

Spottice Home Decor

Home Decor Shop


Call: (734) 787-7351


 Hello! My name is Carmen or Carmie as everyone calls me. I am an Army veteran and currently retired. I stated Spottice, LLC for the love of home decor and desire to start my own business. Spottice began its website store on December 3rd, 2020 selling rustic, cast iron, farmhouse & cottage style home decor and garden products. We expanded by adding our own hand made line of wood, fabric, and metal products. We love vintage and rustic. But more importantly, we absolutely love our customers and enjoy bringing a happy smile every time they choose our products knowing they purchased a great product backed with excellent service. We sell a lot on Facebook Marketplace and hold a 4.9% (587 reviews) rating. We also sell at pop up markets and on Etsy (5% rating/Star Seller).

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